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My name is Joe Tittiger , and I live in  Webster County Missouri.

A hay rake, holding me up during a Hoop House raising in Douglas County MO

I moved to this area 9  years ago, fleeing the insanity of urban living in Fort Myers FL.   A local organization, “Well Fed Neighbor“, ( I am sure many of you  were familiar with them)  was sounding the alarm back then, that even in rural MO, we were not food self sufficient. Certainly not to the degree that we were  100 years ago.  That was an important message.  The problem is where they stopped. Where they failed to go. That is where Food Freedom Ministry see’s its future.

What good is raising local food, when the farmer/home-owner/artisan food crafter can’t sell what they produce to their neighbors and customers?  To get to the point… I, like many others have  discovered that we have a thick web of illegitimate laws, that try to  prevent us from exercising our God given rights, when it comes to “food freedom”.   What these  laws do is make it a crime to earn an honest  living,  from a small farm. But of course you can always (IF you can afford it) buy the permission to do things in the “homeland”, and pass that cost onto your customers,  thus  often pricing your product out of your customers reach, if reaching the financially challenged is your mission.   These administrative/regulatory costs are also prohibitive for the small family business and keeps them from even getting started — as they are meant to do.  They demonstrably have little or nothing to do with our safety, as if government were ever commissioned with or has the authority for that task.

I  warn you that I am an iconoclast.  I am also truth seeker.  I have had some great teachers. Scripture is one teacher,   it has a repetitive message of seeking truth and justice.  Of having valid legitimate law.   Jesus Christ was also a truth seeker, and iconoclast, he spoke truth to power and he like many of the apostles was put to death for doing so.  Being a truth seeker,  and speaking truth to power does not make one popular,  but I think that we are all commanded to do so regardless, of what evil in high places may try to do to us.   So here goes, and  “Justice be Done May the Heavens Fall


Like Martin Luther King, I have a dream…..   I dream of a free country where one can obtain healthy, affordable food.  As things now stand we are all forced to consume only foods that the government food monopoly provides. Or more accurately “allows”.   It is my contention that very little of this food is safe, it is certainly not accurately labeled, as far as ingredients, nor it’s possible health benefits. 1  2  One can not even trust the “Organic” label  1  2 as  it  has been co-opted by big agriculture, and  is often misleading and inaccurate.

“Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”  ~Ephesians 5:11

As a quick example of not being able to obtain healthy food, through the government food monopoly,  let’s look at  supermarket “heavy cream”. It is impossible to find cream that has not been ultrapasterized  1 and  it’s proteins denatured  lowering the nutritional value of the food, and quite possibly making the proteins harmful to the human body.  All of the beneficial and probiotic bacteria in the cream are also killed.  Various beneficial enzymes are destroyed.  Finally they  put the cream in a BPA lined paper carton. This frankenfood is the only form of heavy cream that is allowed in the US food monopoly. Welcome to “the land of the free”.

In my  due diligence, I have discovered that in “the land of the free”  that one can not exercise the God given freedom of purchasing, and selling food without government interference  unless one forms a “club”.  (even then there is substantial interference)  I find it hard to wrap my mind around this fact, as we yet do not have to form clubs in  order to:
1.) Have children
2.)  Cook dinner for our friends.
3.)  Get together, and read the bible.
4.)  Get together with some friends, and go float the Buffalo River  down in AR.
5.)  Thousands upon thousands of other things, do not “yet” require us to form a “club” in order to exercise a right. (The list of our rights that are illegitimately being converted to permissions is growing at a very alarming rate.)

In the “land of the free” in order to exercise the very  fundamental right of  selling and buying food products  our illegitimate government ( a government that violates rights rather than protecting them is illegitimate) requires that you form a club, and to dot your I’s and cross your T’s.  Then to show you who’s boss, they will ignore the fact that you jumped through all of their illegitimate hoops, and are “legal”  according to their laws,  and   harass you none the less.     Read this story about the Rawsome food club raid, where Federal terrorists armed with sub machine guns,  raid a food club, destroy, and steal property, and criminally shut it down.   Raids are increasing on farms and private food-supply clubs — here are 5 tips for surviving one  


“I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Food is not the only monopoly (infringement of rights)  that Americans are subject to.  Our schools, our  entire health care system, our legal defense, are all government created & protected monopolies.  Not the free market, that one would expect in a Republic with a Constitution that if followed, virtually insures a free market. (not government created and enforced  monopolies)

This line from a recent Paul Craig Roberts article sums up my thoughts:
“…As Americans themselves no longer know what it means to be an American, little wonder they have lost their country….~Paul Craig Roberts


Marketing is  the bane of small farmers.  So imagine a  food club  as  a tool to help in the marketing of products from small farms, artisans, and just folks with large gardens that want to sell product.  It will allow the farmer/artesian to concentrate on what he loves, and does best.  While at the same time earning the farmer  80% of the dollars spent on his food by the customer.  Very much higher than the standard farm business model.

The food club will  do the  research & conforming to the various legal requirements for a  food club.  This  takes a  huge legal and time  burden off of the  shoulders of the local farmer, and will allow him to to produce products that he might not feel comfortable marketing on his own.  FFM is investigating purchasing a legal protection policy from Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.
We are also going  to investigate the potential of using Non-Statutory Trusts as a way to protect our farms, homes, and business’s  from the “in-justice” system that  seems to be  such  good friends with large agri-corperations.

Farmers, Artisan food producers, &  home gardeners with an excess, will not be bound to selling exclusively though FFM.  They will  all be free to sell using any venue that they please.  Club members will be able to both buy and sell products, through the clubs online ecommerce site (which will be beta tested soon)  The club will institute safety, and labeling guidelines that all members  selling  with us will be expected to follow.  There will be non-safety related  latitude to standards however, so that everyone will not be force to buy say for instance,   food products only from animals that are fed organic-GMO free grains.   For many that would be cost prohibitive even if we  know better and wished we could afford to do better. (Myself included) What we want to do is to clearly convey accurate specifics about each food, so that the consumer,  can make these calls. Not FFM. What we want is honesty, transparency, and integrity in all of the foods that we carry.

The end goal is to provide much better than health food store quality food (not hard to do) at affordable  prices. The main result of government interference in the market place is  that much “healthy” food is overpriced,  and many can not afford to buy high quality food.  If  these dubious “safety” measures cause the price of healthy food to escalate to where half of the population can not afford to buy it, or it can not be produced, you are not practicing (unrequested) benevolence, but are  rather running  a thinly veiled eugenics program.

I  hope this answers  many of your questions.  Much still needs to be worked out and  we need to brainstorm, and see where to proceed next. When  we get more  figured out,  I will announce  a strategy meeting where everyone can give their ideas and inputs.  (Would a phone conference work, at least some of the time?)

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Thanks and God Speed
Joe Tittiger- Seymour MO  – joe @  tittiger.com


If you are only going to do one thing for your health, I would suggest reading the Weston A Price pamphlet “Principles of Healthy Diets”.  Here it is in PDF and here is it on a web page.   (We are fortunate to have a local Springfield/Seymour  Weston A Price chapter in this area.  If you are interested in learning more feel free to contact me.) 

“Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”  ~Ephesians 5:11


“The Hole in  our Gospel” is  a book that like the pamphlet  above will change your life.
While I just recently read this book, it is the scriptural principles (liberty, truth, justice, helping the poor, loving ones neighbor, creating God’s kingdom here on Earth) in it that are the motivation for my  being compelled to  challenge  the illegitimate, health,  and rights destroying, food monopoly in this country.

The Hole in Our Gospel Special Edition: What Does God Expect of Us? The Answer That Changed My Life and Might Just Change the World

The philosophical reasons that this food ministry needed to be started is:  the absolute subgegation of our God given rights.
There is no better discussion of this topic than  Murray N. Rothbard’s  “For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto”.

One can get an audio or text copy for free here:
No excuse not to “read” this marvelous work (that should be required reading to graduate high school)
when you can listen to it while you weed your garden, drive to work, or paddle your Kayak.

This short talk about Romans 13  reinforces, that  scripture has a very strong “liberty” message, that has been either overlooked or  hidden from us. Listen to Brother Gregory’s  take on Romans 13.   (I will also link to Chuck Baldwin’s Romans 13 talks  when I get chance.)

Romans 13 is about Liberty!

Finally I wanted to  announce that Food Freedom Ministry now has a Real.Video channel. I hope that you find the material there educational.


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