OPINS Coop is an organic coop working in the Midwest region with farmers who grow fantastic grains.  OPINS coop is contacting you to offer these healthy, nutrient dense grains that are locally raised to your members.  The grains OPINS markets are certified organic, third party tested to ensure high quality.

Hard Red Winter Ancient grains- Emmer, Eincorn, Turkey Red wheat, as well as spring grown grains, rye, four colors of food grade corn and food grade soybeans are all among our inventory.  Add yellow peas to the mix for protein and no soy concerns.

We aim to provide you with 5, 10, 25 or 50 lb bags of whole wheat berries or other grains for home milling.  Flour needs can be arranged. The process of oxidation after milling can decrease flavor components.  Home milling can be a positive for flavor and quality, leading to exceptional flavors in baked goods.  If home milling is not an option, we work with a small, local organic milling operation that can provide quality.

If your members are interested in a sample of the grains that we offer, please contact us.  We are excited to get to know you and provide you with the best local grains to feed your families. We can also work to provide grains for a baking class if there is interest and you have a baker willing to teach their skills.

Be safe out there.

Mike Williams
402 720 2614 Cell


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