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This is  a dynamic, and I stress dynamic, list of resources that you might want to investigate.
I must admit that I have a lot of learning to do.

My inspiration for this endeavor were the Italian Dining clubs that were started to circumvent onerous restaurant laws in Italy. There was also the Maine Food Sovereignty movement that is still ongoing in many respects.  It was started for the same reason that I am starting this movement:   Tyrannical & illegitimate  food regulations.(that illegitimately have the force of law)

Dum Spiro, Pugno

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I wanted to  announce that Food Freedom Ministry now has a Real.Video channel. I hope that you find the material there educational. 

Joel Salatin: The Rise Of Rogue Food
“A ‘food freedom’ revolt against the government is starting”
(FYI there was no “collusion” here. Thinking people are just coming to the same conclusions that I am)
Joel gets to the point at approximately  25 minutes into the interview if you want to skip ahead.
At 35 minutes in he talks about the “Food Sovereignty Movement”,  starting on US soil at least up in the state of Maine.

One of my  favorite Joel Salatin books. You can  now buy the kindle version for $1.99
Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal: War Stories from the Local Food Front

VACCINES: One of the best overviews that I have ever heard.  Highly recommended. I am also  a fan of  Dr Tom Cowan. 1  2

27 Aug 2018

Vaccines are a controversial topic. Some say that they are effective; others disagree vehemently. Dr. Tom Cowan, a holistic physician, author, and speaker, sees both sides and sheds needed light on this difficult topic. Basically, Dr. Cowan postulates that vaccines do indeed reduce the likelihood of our contracting various illnesses such as whooping cough or measles, for example. However, he explains why this short-term help has long-term consequences for our health—leading to autoimmune disorders and other chronic conditions. Today’s conversation includes a discussion of what best boosts our immunity to disease, how vaccines (& illness) work in our bodies, why vaccines must include adjuvants (toxic ingredients) to be effective and what holds the most promise for long-term positive health outcomes. Visit Dr. Cowan’s website: Learn more about the Weston A. Price Foundation (or make a donation) here: Take our listener survey here. And check out our sponsors Vintage Tradition & Ancestral Supplements.

Interview of Dr Tom Cowan on Vaccines

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The Weston A Price Podcast has some phenomenally informative shows. Like this one:
Why GMOs are bad for us   Monday 30 July 2018

Cellular Health  TV (Dr Daniel Pompa) Podcast, interview  Dr Natasha Campbell McBride on gut health:
She IMHO is the worlds leading expert on gut health and I include 2 other notable interviews of her.

234: GAPS DIET– Explaining the GAPS Protocol and Vegetarianism
August 17, 2018 // by Dr. Daniel Pompa, PSc.D
One of our favorite topics here at CHTV is the gut-brain connection, and Dr. Natasha is breaking down some of the major reasons for our modern epidemics of both mental and physical degenerative diseases. We’ll discuss how to reverse many chronic illnesses through diet and lifestyle, most notably with Dr. Natasha’s own GAPS diet.  Link to same podcast on YouTube:  The GAPS Protocol and Vegetarianism Explained – CHTV 234

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

Wise Traditions London 2010 – Natasha Campbell McBride

Chris Masterjohn  is one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet on the topic of food and nutrition.
You could not spend a more fruitful hour of your time than hearing some of the things he has to say:
Make sure that you take the time to track down his 78 page nutritional “cheat sheet“.  It is a steal for price.
I have printed it out and it sits close to my reading chair.

Another interview that may interest you:
The Most Important Minerals And Vitamins For Fatigue with Dr. Chris Masterjohn & Ari Whitten

Got this from Acres USA (the best farming magazine out there IMHO) in my email:

Proper Digestion Central to Health

How to Start a Local Food Co-op or Buying Club (KYF116)

Other similar private buying clubs:
Whole Life Buying Club  Louisville KY – This is the club that Joel Salitin mentions in this  interview:  Joel Salatin: The Rise Of Rogue Food

John Moody’s – Food club manual
A  60 page manual for a very successful food club in Kentucky.
It is the ONLY such document that I have been able to find.
If you need  a copy please contact me and I will find you a link to purchase one.
Follow this link and listen to the podcast interview of John.

Story about an Amish community in Ohio that to combat families not able to earn a living by working their farms came up with the idea of an Organic co-op.  They are wildly successful. The only way I can get the story to you is for you to purchase the December issue of Acres USA ($6)  and the story “An Agricultural Heritage” begins on page 54.
I put this story in here because it can serve as a model for small farmers in this area, both English and Amish.

I am investigating selling an Artesian yogurt full of L. Reuteri  (strain ATCC PTA 6475)

The material cost per quart look to be over $14 per quart (will last you a week at 1/2 c a day) and then you have to add on labor for an artisan product that is not mass produced and the cost is getting too high for  a lot off people.

The benefits may make you think twice about the cost though as they are substantial.
Halving of wound healing time. Major increases in testosterone. Major suppression of appetite, skin thickening
because of massive increases in colegandepostition, whci in many results in major depletion of wrinkles.  Your mileage may vary.
But for many they do see these amazing results.

This video (on our channel) will explain the L Reuteri thing if you have the patience  to listen to the whole thing:
Keto Answers Podcast – 018: Preventing Heart Disease by Cutting Out Grains- Dr. William Davis

How things would look if you REALLY lived in a free country


NOTE: I have found that a substantial  number of the food moments out there seem to have socialist/communist goals, and members that can best be described as group thinking “useful idiots”.  “Rights” and the ROOT of the PROBLEM are not even on their radar.  Then there are saner voices like Joel Salitin,  that in the interview we have posted o f him,  he talks about some of the real issues.

Food Freedom Groups Across the Nation

Sewage sludge is being spread on Missouri farmland, and contaminating your food with, heavy metals, prescription drugs, disease, and more.

Fresh from the farm: Maine takes lead in ‘food sovereignty’ movement

Maine’s New Food Sovereignty Law Gets a Last-Minute Overhaul

USDA Threatens Maine over Food Freedom: New at Reason

Raids are increasing on farms and private food-supply clubs — here are 5 tips for surviving one  

Global Justice Now (UK)

Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund

Dave Champion – Non-Statutory Trusts

Book: The Hole in Our Gospel Special Edition: What Does God Expect of Us?
A  book that  could change your life.
While I just recently read this book, it is the scriptural principles in it that are the motivation for my  being compelled
to  challenge  the health,  and rights destroying, food monopoly in this country.

The Hole in Our Gospel Special Edition: What Does God Expect of Us? The Answer That Changed My Life and Might Just Change the World

The philosophical reasons that this food ministry needed to be started is:  the absolute subgegation of our God given rights in this country.  Largly because modern  day Christians would  not know a God given right if it hit them in the face.  The government indoctrination camps have  wildly succeeded in dumbing down the American people.

There is no better discussion of this topic than  Murray N. Rothbard’s  “For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto”.

One can get an audio or text copy for free here:

If you are only going to do one thing for your health, I would suggest reading the Weston A Price pamphlet “Principles of Healthy Diets”.  Here it is in PDF and here is it on a web page.   (I happen to have founded  the Springfield/Seymour  Weston A Price chapter for this area.  If you are interested in learning more feel free to contact me.)

“Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”  ~Ephesians 5:11

 Weston A Price – Principles of Healthy Diets

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